Weekly Seminar - Talks given
from the start of the Graduiertenkolleg
in SS 2005 up to the last semester
Seminarraum Gustav-Mie Haus
Friday, 15:00 c.t. // Wednesday, 17:00 c.t.
Date Speaker from Topic

20.04. Robert Harlander Universität Karlsruhe Higgs-Production at LHC
27.04. Christian Weiser Universität Karlsruhe CMS Experiment: Detector and Physics
04.05. Sven Heinemeyer CERN Higgs Bosons in SUSY Models at the LHC
11.05. Tilman Plehn MPI für Physik, München Split Supersymmetry
25.05. Victoria Martin Northwestern University Standard Model Processes at CDF
01.06. Thomas Binoth Universität Würzburg LHC Phaenomenologie auf dem Loop Niveau
08.06. Stephan Paul TU München Hadronspektroskopie mit dem COMPASS-Experiment
15.06. Dirk Zerwas LAL Orsay SUSY Searches in ATLAS
22.06. Volker Büscher Universität Freiburg Searches at Tevatron
29.06. Bezares Roder Connection of the Higgs scalar-tensor theroy to modern problems of cosmology
06.07. Delia Hasch INFN Frascati How to measure the spin structure of the nucleon
03.08. Philip Bechtle SLAC New Algorithms for Optimization and Data Selection
26.10. Ulrich Ellwanger Paris NMSSM
02.11. Werner Bernreuther RWTH Aachen Issues of Top-Quark Phenomenology
09.11. Maxim Titov Freiburg Recent Advances in Gas Detectors
16.11. Börge Gjelsten Bern SUSY Mass Determination
23.11. Michael Feindt Karlsruhe Neural Networks and application in HEP
30.11. Thomas Nunnemann LMU München Tests of QCD and electroweak physics at the Tevatron
07.12. Peter Schweitzer Uni Bochum Transversity
14.12. Jürgen Giersch LMU München Gamma Detektoren für medizinische Anwendungen (ROSI)
21.12. Arndt Brandenburg DESY The top quark as a probe of fundamental interactions
11.01. Prof. U. Heintz Boston University Top physics at the Tevatron
19.01. Bernhard Ketzer TU München Micropattern Gas Detectors - Recent Developments and Perspectives
25.01. Michael Dittmar ETH Zürich Measuring high Q**2 Reactions at the LHC Prospects and Limitations
01.02. Peter Krizan Ljubljana University Belle: recent results and future plans
08.02. Michael Düren Uni Giessen Generalized Parton Distributions in lepton scattering and antiproton annihilation experiments
26.04. Rainer Wallny Berkeley Top Masse und Bs Oscillationen
03.05. Jochum v.d. Bij Freiburg Kein Higgs am LHC, was nun ??!
10.05. Ralf Bernhard Zürich Search for FCNC B decays in D0 (ppt)
17.05. Charalampos Anastasiou Zürich Challenges for perturbative computations at the LHC
24.05. Fritz-Herbert Heinsius Freiburg Ergebnisse vom COMPASS-Experiment (ppt)
31.05. Markus Diehl DESY Hadron structure and generalized parton distribution
14.06. Fernando Ferroni Rom Neutrinoless double beta decay with CUORE at Gran Sasso
21.06. Klaus Goeke Bochum Baryons as chiral solitons: Successes and problems
23.06. Ivo van Vulpen NIKHEF Preparation for (new) physics during the first LHC run
28.06. Wolfgang Kilian DESY What could there be besides Supersymmetry?
05.07. Johann Riedl Uni Regensburg Heavy-Quark production in polarized and unpolarized p+p and pbar+p collisions
13.07. Hannes Jung DESY HERA can teach the LHC
19.07. Nick van Remortel Helsinki Top quark mass measurement in the all hadronic channel in CDF
01.11. Holiday (Allerheiligen)
08.11. Xavier Portell Barcelona SUSY Searches at CDF
15.11. Prof. Juergen Körner Mainz Selected Topics in Top Quark Physics
22.11. Steven Lowette Brüssel B-Tagging and its Application in Physics Searches in CMS
06.12. Inga Ludwig Freiburg Identification of Isolated Electrons in ATLAS
20.12. Prof. Dr. Thomas Gehrmann Universität Zürich Precision QCD at High Energy Colliders
10.01. Michael Heldmann Freiburg Higgs Cascade Decays into Tau Final States in CP Violating SUSY Scenarios
Michael Duehrssen Freiburg t.b.a.
24.01. Ursula Bassler Paris Top Quark Measurements at the Tevatron
31.01. Laura Covi DESY Dark Matter and Supersymmetry: WIMPs and Exotic Candidates
07.02. Heiko Lacker Dresden CP violation and the CKM matrix: News from the asymmetric B factories
14.02. Klaus Goeke Bochum The nucleon as non-topological chiral soliton
09.05. Andreas Höcker CERN Data Mining in High-Energy Physics with the Toolkit for Multivariate Analysis (TMVA) (abstract) (ppt) (pdf)
06.06. Ralf Seidel Illinois Messung von Fragmentationsfunktionen mit dem Belle-Detektor (ppt) (pdf)
13.06. Frank Deppisch DESY Lepton Flavor Violation in the Era of the LHC (abstract) (pdf)
27.06. Christian Regenfus Uni Zürich Search for WIMPs with one ton of LAr - the ArDM experiment (abstract) (pdf)
04.07. Jean-Francois Arguin LBL The Top Mass at CDF and Final Preparations for ATLAS (pdf)
11.07. Alessandro Bacchetta Desy Transverse Spin and Transverse Momentum in QCD (ppt) (pdf)
18.07. Martin Wessels Desy Searches at HERA - Towards the Finals (pdf)
30.10. (Tuesday !) Simon Eidelman BNP & Novosibirsk e+e- Annihilation into Hadrons and Status of Muon g-2 (abstract) (pdf)
31.10. Bob McElrath CERN Mass Determination in LHC Events with Missing Energy (pdf)
07.11. Peter Uwer CERN & Karlsruhe pp->ttj and pp->WWj at next-to-leading order (ppt) (pdf)
14.11. Sven Heinemeyer Santander How to discover SUSY before the LHC (abstract) (pdf)
21.11. Thorsten Ohl Würzburg The Noncommutative Standard Model: Phenomenology and beyond the order(theta) (pdf)
07.12. (Friday !) Steffen Schumann Edinburgh Simulation of Jet Physics at Hadron Colliders
19.12. Kerstin Tackmann UC Berkeley Determination of the b-quark mass at BABAR
17.01. (Thursday !) Giuseppe Salamanca University of Washington Flavour Tagging Techniques for Bs Mixing at CDF
23.01. Christian Schwinn RWTH Aachen QCD Scattering Amplitudes beyond Feynman Diagrams
06.02. Hans-Ulrich Martyn RWTH Aachen/DESY SUSY at the ILC
17.03. (Monday !) Johan Alwall SLAC Finding Unexpected Gluinos at the Tevatron
04.04., 11:00, Seminarraum I, HH Physik Michael Mazur Stanford Measurement of B→D τ ν and B→D* τ ν at BaBar
04.04., 12:00, Seminarraum I, HH Physik Virginia Azzolini Stanford Study of Charmless Inclusive Semi-leptonic B-decays and Measurement of the CKM Matrix Element |Vub| with the BaBar Detector
04.04., 15:00, Seminarraum I, HH Physik Xavier Rouby CERN Prospects for Measurements of Photon-induced Interactions in the CMS Experiment in First Years of Running (abstract)
16.04., Seminarraum I, HH Physik Peter Skands CERN / FNAL Designer Showers and Subtracted Matrix Elements (ppt) (pdf)
21.05. Davison Soper Univ. of Oregon Parton Showers with Quantum Interference
18.06. Stefan Gieseke Uni Karlsruhe Status of the Event Generator HERWIG++
25.06. Olaf Kittel Uni Bonn CP Phases in the Complex MSSM: Asymmetries with Triple Products (abstract)
26.06. Julian Glatzer Rutgers University (Piscataway, USA) t.b.a.
27.06. Alexander Knochel Universität Würzburg SUSY Dark Matter without a Higgs
16.07. Christophe Grojean CERN Composite Higgs Physics (abstract)
23.07. Gunnar Schnell Universität Gent The Quark Structure of the Nucleon mit Schwerpunkt auf TMD und GPD Messungen